Tony Duquette Upholstery

Pearson Upholstery has proudly unveiled the beautiful Tony Duquette Collection. This magnificent collection of sculptural upholstery has the distinction of being the first licensed collection for Pearson. In collaboration with the esteemed Hutton Wilkinson, President of Tony Duquette Inc., the talented Pearson team has created a luxurious collection of sofas, banquettes, chairs and cocktail ottomans that were reproduced or adapted from custom made pieces created for the homes of Tony Duquette and Hutton Wilkinson. Considered masters of maximalism, these two men have impacted the world of interior design for decades with exuberant installations for clients such as Doris Duke, J. Paul Getty, Vincent Minnelli, Miss Elizabeth Arden, Herb Albert and John and Dodie Rosekranz.

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