Personal Choice Sleeper

The Personal Choice Sleep Sofa Program is scaled similarly to the Personal Choice I collection. A wide variety of silhouettes and configurations are available to create the perfect piece.

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16 Square Corner 21 Left Arm Loveseat 22 Right Arm Loveseat 24 Curved Corner 25 Left Arm Sofa
26 Right Arm Sofa 27 Left Arm Chaise 28 Right Arm Chaise 38 Sleep Loveseat 38" Mattress (Twin) 40 Armless Sleep Sofa
41 Left Arm Sleep Sofa 60" Mattress (Queen) 42 Right Arm Sleep Sofa 60" Mattress (Queen) 54 Sleep Sofa 54" Matress (Full) 60 Sleep Sofa  

Whether looking for the classic English tailoring of a Charles of London Arm, or the contemporary sophistication of the Square Arm, Personal Choice represents all of the best selling arm styles. Remember, Personal Choice II arms are scaled slightly smaller then their coordinates in Personal Choice I.

4501 Panel Roll Arm
T Cushion
4511 Fitted Roll Arm
T Cushion
4521 English Arm
T Cushion
4531 Square Arm
T Cushion
4541 Pleated Roll Arm
T Cushion
4502 Panel Roll Arm
Square Cushion
4512 Fitted Roll Arm
Square Cushion
4522 Eglish Arm
Square Cushion
4532 Square Arm
Square Cushion
4542 Pleated Roll Arm
Square Cushion


T Cushion
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Choose between Knife Edge Back Pillow, Tall knife Edge Back Pillow, Boxed Back Pillow, Tall Boxed Back Pillow or Tight Boxed Back for your custom piece of upholstery. Knife Edge and Boxed Back Pillows are available either loose or attached.

Loose Knife Edge (LKPB)
Loose Boxed (LBPB)
Tall Loose Knife Edge (TLKBP)
Tall Loose Boxed (TLBPB)

Pearson’s Personal Choice Upholstery is available with either a classic high kick pleat skirt, a casual base border, or a clean non skirted option.

Skirted (S) Non
Skirted (NS)
Base Border (BB)    

If you prefer an exposed foot style, the classic bun foot and the sleek wedge foot are both available. If you prefer the foot to be recessed and not show, choose the small recessed foot option.

Bun Foot (BF) Wedge Foot (WF) Modern Foot (MF) Small Recessed Foot (SRF)  

All Personal Choice II styles, except chaises and ottomans have the following dimensions in common: Outside D 36, Inside D 22, Arm Height 23 1/2, Seat Height 19, Seat Boxing 5 1/4. On styles with arms, outside length will vary according to arm-style selected..

Personal Choice Sleeper


Pillow Back



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